Gaughn’s Drug Store Vaccine & Testing Options

Gaughn’s Drug Store is offering in-store COVID-19 vaccines every day from Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.  We are administering all three COVID-19 vaccines at our in-store clinics.  We are operating on an appointment-based model at this point but are accepting walk-ins as allowable.  Our current volume for the in-store clinics is approximately 30 per day. 

We are also working with the Area Agency on Ageing to offer large clinics of approximately 300 doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Thursdays at the Allegheny Community Center.  These have been running since the end of October and will continue through December 9th.  Additional clinics may be opened if demand exceeds our operating capacity for in-store vaccinations.  We are expecting to operate at the 30 doses per day capacity at least through the end of December.  We are seeing approximately 92% of our vaccines administered are booster doses with the remaining 8% being split between first and second doses. 

As of December 1, 2021, we are offering a saliva-based PCR testing option as well.  Patients must pre-register via and submit demographic, insurance, and symptom information prior to arrival at our drive-up spaces located on Hickory Street.  These tests are sent to an outside lab with an estimated turnaround time of 36 to 72 hours.  Results are sent directly to the patient via secure email.  Because these tests can be billed to insurance for qualifying patients (those with at least 3 symptoms of COVID-19 or a recent exposure), there is zero out of pocket cost to the patient for the test.  Tests can also be administered for those who wish to be tested for screening purposes (such as travel) for a fee of $125.  We expect this program to grow rapidly over the course of the next few weeks and will continue this program as long as necessary.  Testing is available by appointment currently from 9am to 3pm Monday-Friday, but we expect to transition to a no-appointment-necessary model over the next two weeks.

Information on vaccines and testing can be found on our Facebook page and at

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