WarrenVAX.com is the online hub of information for the Warren County’s Vaccine Awareness Team, an ad hoc committee made up of local leaders put together by Commissioner Jeff Eggleston and the Warren County Development Association (WCDA) to promote vaccination and safety in the Warren County, Pennsylvania community.

Warren County currently (as of December 7, 2021) has the highest per capita death rate from COVID-19 and has led the state in transmission rate in the previous week. The local medical providers are at high stress levels while the county’s overall vaccine rate is roughly 41%. To provide a greater level of safety the county needs to have a higher vaccination rate.

That need is what prompted the gathering of local business, medical, and community leaders in an effort to gather vaccination endorsements and produce as campaign that would rally the community in support of vaccination. The group has already raised seed money for a campaign, but that is just the beginning. Every ounce of support from the community is needed to make this campaign successful. Please consider donating today!