Leaders Support Vaccination

Below is a list of local, regional, and national leaders who have been vaccinated and promote vaccination against COVID-19. These people are from a variety backgrounds, political affiliations, and creeds. If you would like to be included on this list, please contact us using our handy contact form.

Local/Regional Leaders Who Support Vaccination

Dr. Mason Tootell
Specialty: Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine

“I strongly support COVID vaccination.”

Gladys Onojobi, MD
Specialty: Hematology/Oncology
at the Cancer Center

“Please protect yourself and our community by getting the vaccines and staying up to date with the current vaccination recommendations. We can only get through these tough times with each other’s support.ives.”

Margie Fincher, PA-C
Specialty: Internal Medicine

“Consider your vaccination as an act of kindness…kindness to the lady at the check-out counter, you child’s teacher, the grandfather next door and your local health care providers who have seen enough of this pandemic. Please be kind, keep our community safe and get vaccinated.”

Dr. Simon Amsdell
Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery

“I am in strong support of the Covid vaccination effort. Please place your trust in us, your community healthcare leaders, and get vaccinated to protect yourself and those you love.”

Dr. Barney Eden
Specialty: Radiation Oncology

“Vaccination saves lives.”

Ida Lore
Specialty: Radiation Oncology Nurse

“I have worked at the hospital for over 40 years and I believe the vaccines for COVID are effective and I encourage everyone to seek to be immunized.”

Reverend Matthew Scott
Vicar (priest-in-charge) of Trinity and St. Francis Episcopal churches

“Each person is called by their creator to care for others. Vaccinations, along with wearing masks, are proven ways for us to care for others, especially those more vulnerable to the devastating effects of COVID-19.”

Danell Sowers
Executive Director, Experience Inc./Area Agency on Aging

“I support the COVID-19 vaccination.  I believe it takes everyone in the community working together to curb the likelihood of spreading severe disease and to lessen the extreme burden currently facing our local healthcare system.”

Reverend James Swanson
Pastor at Pleasant Community Church

“I am grateful how God works through the minds and hands of our scientists and medical community. Despite experiencing COVID-19 near the beginning of this outbreak in the states, my family, including my teenage children, have all been vaccinated, and so too 100% of the adults in my church. I highly encourage others to do the same!”

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston
The Warren County Commissioner has been vaccinated, with his family, and he endorses vaccination.

Sunny A. Thomas, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Specialty: Pediatrics

R. Keith Price, M.D
WGH Medical Director

Rick Allen
WGH, Chief Executive Officer

John J. Sutton, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
Specialty: Family Medicine

Timothy S. Stanton, M.D.
Specialty: Internal Medicine

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